By: Grace M. Castro

If you follow me on Twitter @gcastromiami you knew the moment I spilled a full cup of coffee on my 15’ MacBook Pro. Indeed it was a great start to the morning. NOT!

It was the most dramatic experience of deep felt loss I’ve ever undergone for something that did not have a live beating pulse. It was devastating because the fear of possibly losing everything I had saved on my computer, over many years, was incomprehensible.  A little dramatic huh? Well, yes. My baby’s photos were there, my life’s work, ideas, creative brain dumps and so much more. And yes, I'm one of those people that fails time after time to back-up their computer. Insert "idiot" here. 

Fast forward a few days, it “sort of” worked out. Even though I had to buy a new computer, my information was saved. I had to downgrade to the 13” size, which happened to work out very well. I’m enjoying it so very much. Not having to lug around something heavier than I need puts an extra spring in your step. I also use to have the 17”, a beast to carry if you’re always on the go.

So it was only a matter of time before I started to accessorize. Today, I ventured to Office Max to see what laptop covers they had available to protect my new piece of candy. Although I saw nothing that protects against unexpected coffee spills, I spotted a  few $50 cases and not much of a selection. SMH (that's shake my head)…”no way” I say and decide I’d rather jump on to see what I can find cheaper and at the same time support a handmade crafty entrepreneur. I was right. Talk about pages and pages of options. I am definitely going to find something a lot more stylish and a deal. Check out what caught my eye under $50! Maybe you’ll find something too. If you like something, click to buy.